Hopefully one day my ‘Wild’ dreams come true. 

A while back I crossed something off my bucket list. Seeing lions,cheetahs and tigers in person! Growing up watching National Geographic and 50/50 I never thought seeing them in person or interact with them was even possible, so I let that dream go but after visiting places like Daniel's Cheetah Project, Addo Elephant Park, Kragga… Continue reading Hopefully one day my ‘Wild’ dreams come true. 

Central-Port Elizabeth photo and video blog.

It's no secret that I love exploring this town.. Always seeking interesting places to photograph either for Instagram or for the blog. A while back I have started a section on my blog called '' Instagram missions" and it was just that, missioning out there to have the next batch of photos ready for my… Continue reading Central-Port Elizabeth photo and video blog.

I have a YouTube channel!!

Username: Cindy Taylor Hey Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I have been very busy lately and I had my tooth pulled last Friday (still recovering) the experience was traumatizing. Wouldn't recommend getting your tooth pulled, rather sit with the pain lol (Jokes)  So anyway... I have been so hesitant to start a YouTube channel and I don't know why I've… Continue reading I have a YouTube channel!!

SAMREC – Port Elizabeth

Our Sunday drive turned into an educated afternoon when we found ourselves at SAMREC to visit and photograph beautiful African penguins. Here is a little  confession -  I had no idea what the organization was all about and I'm so glad I stopped by and now I can share it with you all. SAMREC is a marine rehabilitation and education centre dedicated to all… Continue reading SAMREC – Port Elizabeth